Many individuals find themselves given a traffic citation at some point in their lives. Whether you have been cited with a speeding ticket, running a red light or stop sign or any other type of moving violation, it is important that you take care of your citation as soon as possible.

It may be tempting to just take the points and pay the fine without going to court; however, doing so will result in additional fees and penalties. If you want to maintain your driving record and avoid having points added to your license, then appearing in court to contest your citation is critical for you. Our law firm handles traffic tickets, no matter how big or small, to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

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What If I Fail to Pay a Traffic Ticket?

If you fail to pay your traffic ticket or take care of it in another way, such as appearing in court and pleading not guilty and having a trial by jury for the charges, you will find yourself facing serious penalties such as having points added to your license.

Points added to your license can lead to higher insurance rates, as well as an increase in other financial burdens such as driver’s license renewal fees. If enough points are added to your record over time, then eventually you may lose your privilege to drive at all.

What Other Consequences Can I Face?

Of course, if you are found guilty of your traffic citation or plead no contest to your charges, then there are additional consequences that will follow. You may have your driver’s license suspended or revoked and face fines. Driving without a license is an even more serious charge than driving with one; therefore, it is important to take care of this ticket quickly before it can affect your ability to drive legally. It is also important to realize how costly not taking care of your ticket correctly can be. Some individuals choose to pay their fines and court fees without hiring a personal injury lawyer because they think that doing so would be cheaper in end but this is not always the case. Seek the help you need by reaching out to a traffic ticket lawyer in Miami today.

Do I Really Need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

You may be wondering how a traffic ticket lawyer can help you if this is your first time dealing with the law. The truth is, many individuals find themselves struggling to pay their fines and fees as well as suffer from the effects of points added on their driver’s license. We are here to help. Reach out to The Law Firm of Rey Padron, PLLC at (305) 800-5342 to get the personal injury representation you deserve going forward.