Hurricane season can be nerve-racking for many Floridians every year. You should prepare for hurricane season by gathering supplies and financial records in case your home is damaged in a hurricane. If you live in an area that’s at risk of severe damage from hurricanes, it’s important to be well-prepared for the hurricane season every year.

It’s generally recommended that Floridians have enough supplies to last anywhere from three days to two weeks after a storm hits their community. However, even preparing as much as possible may not be enough to prevent property damage to your home or business. You may want to file an insurance claim with the help of a lawyer to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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Should I Take Inventory of What’s In My House?

After gathering your supplies, the next step would be to go through your home and take stock of the items that are valuable enough to merit packing up for safekeeping in a storage unit or somewhere else away from your property. Even something as simple as moving pictures off of the wall can ensure they’re not destroyed by flying debris during a storm. Some other things that might require special care include flat-panel TVs, high-end kitchen appliances, water heaters, washers/dryers, wine cellars, and swimming pools. Making a list of what you have in your home can help you when filing your insurance claim.

What If I’m Not Offered Enough Money to Repair My Damages?

The Law Firm of Rey Padron, PLLC meticulously works to ensure that your insurance company is made aware of the full extent of the damage to your property. Many people suffer significant hurricane damage that goes unpaid by insurance companies because they don’t find out about it until they’ve already missed an important filing deadline with their insurer. We can guide you through the claims process from beginning to end.

 How Can a Property Damage Lawyer Help Me?

If you live in South Florida and need legal help fighting against big insurance companies, The Law Firm of Rey Padron, PLLC can fight for the compensation that you deserve. Our team understands your concerns about property damage after a hurricane and will do everything possible to ensure that your rights are protected. Reach out to The Law Firm of Rey Padron, PLLC at (305) 800-5342 to get the personal injury representation you deserve going forward.